Vending giant Waste Management Inc. recently announced that it had signed a deal to acquire the remaining equity of the financially struggling California-based vacuum truck rental company. Waste Management, Inc.'s acquisition of the American Brands International division of VTR is a clear sign of the business model working for both companies. Waste Management is one of the nation's largest and most successful waste management contractors. It operates two sites in North Carolina. The purchase of VTR from AMR brings to three locations.

Waste Management, Inc. currently services seven states, including Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Kansas, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, North Dakota and Ohio. Vacuum Truck Rental currently services four states, including Texas, Washington, Illinois and Pennsylvania. The acquisition of VTR by Waste Management Inc. is yet another example of how the business of waste management has evolved into a national stage.

Waste Management has held national and regional operations for many years. This expansion puts the company in direct competition with other national truck rental providers, such as Phoenix-based Waste Management Inc. (WBM), which also owns and franchises hundreds of mobile waste collection and disposal trucks throughout the country. Waste Management is the second largest commercial waste hauler in the U.S. behind only Phoenix-based WBM. The acquisition of VTR by Waste Management provides an additional opportunity for WMA to broaden its markets beyond traditional vacuum truck services to include the mobile servicing and disposal market. Waste Management currently serves nine counties in Georgia.
The acquisition of VTR by Waste Management will provide opportunities for Waste Management to expand into new markets. VTR's current service areas cover the tri-state area in addition to eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Ohio. The acquisition of vacuum truck rentals from WMA will enable WMA to service the states around Pennsylvania and New Jersey in addition to northern Georgia. The additional territory that WMA will be able to service will give it additional opportunities to enter new markets and increase revenues. In getting to find the best vacuum trucks for sale , view here.

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Waste Management has entered into an agreement with Waste Connection, a division of Waste Connections Services, to allow the use of vacuum truck rentals from both companies to service the area surrounding the Capital Region. This is in addition to the company's existing service areas in California, Illinois, Maryland and Florida. Waste Management will continue to expand its service offerings through the years. Both companies expect growth as both diversify their markets.